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If you think your air conditioner is not that dirty you might be surprised at how much mould and dust could be hiding in your system. Any dust and mould build up in a system will reduce the efficiency and increase the running cost of the system also shorting the life span of your expensive asset. Now we know not every person uses their air conditioner the same, So we offer 3 levels of Split System servicing.

Just like your car, a poorly running air conditioning will not perform at its best. An un-serviced air conditioner is not only dangerous to your health; it also consumes more power and shortens its own life. It makes sense that most air conditioners fail when put under the heaviest strain like in the middle of summer. When it’s 40 degrees outside the last thing you need is to have your air conditioning fail.

It’s that time of year again when it’s started to cool down and change your air conditioner from cooling to heating, but did you know that after running through summer your air conditioner may need a service. And there’s no better time than winter to get your air conditioner serviced with great winter savings.

Air Conditioning Wizards are recommended and relied on for safe, efficient and good value air conditioning services including cleaning, maintenance and repairs. You need to keep your air conditioner well serviced so that you are not breathing in mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria. Air conditioning units need to be regularly serviced so that they do not harbour organisms that can otherwise make you, your family, your staff, members or patients sick.

Reasons For Duct Cleaning

All Home Air conditioning & Services Dubai’ comprehensive air conditioning servicing specialises in cleaning and sanitizing all air conditioning units so that the air you’re breathing is always fresh and healthy. As an added bonus, you also save money as your air conditioning unit runs more efficiently. So, you save money and protect your health.

All Home Air conditioning & Services Dubai are prompt and professional, with all aspects of the service completed to the highest standards. Regular and ongoing air conditioning service is vital to getting the most out of your system, both split ac and ducted ac units. Regular preventative maintenance provides your safeguard from annoying breakdowns and the peace of mind from knowing you are breathing clean air.